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Philadelphia Magazine honors Rene Rubin with "Top Doctor 2018" Award


Rittenhouse Hematology and Oncology is an excellent facility. They treat their patients with respect, compassion and patience. The entire staff, including the administrators and nurses, will advocate on your behalf with the insurance companies, pharmaceuticals and other doctors and specialists. You are treated like they actually care about you and your outcome. Having cancer is scary enough without feeling confused further by your caregivers. These folks really make it as pleasant as it can be under the circumstances. I can't recommend them highly enough. (2018)

~Katie Loeb


For the last six years, my focus has been on social justice and activism through programs established by Gateway to Re-Entry.... As life will have it, in January 2018 I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a form of bone cancer. My life priorities immediately shifted, but I remain very upbeat and have embraced my treatment with the same passion I have for my life purpose.

"My Oncology team here at Rittenhouse created a treatment plan that was so successful I was in remission by April. My blood count is stable. As my lead doctor continues to adjust my treatment plan, he has remained aggressive. In the fall, I will receive a treatment known as Immune Therapy, where they remove healthy cells, and then reengineer them to attack the cancer cells, a process which takes three weeks in the hospital in isolation. Remaining cancer-free is definitely worth the three weeks.

"I also decided to include a homeopathic approach. I take Graviola to support my immune system, Vitamin D for my bone structure and B12 for energy. I remain encouraged and hopeful, as there are many things left for me to accomplish. (2018)

~Tracey L. Fisher


The doctors at Rittenhouse Hematology Oncology are amazing. Mine is currently treating me for Multiple Myeloma. He is very caring and attentive to my needs and concerns. He always includes my wife and family in all decisions.

"He is incredibly knowledgeable about cancer treatment and always at the forefront of new advances, plus he has an incredible staff. They are very supportive, and they go above and beyond to help from cancer diagnosis through chemotherapy. They also help in locating financial resources.

"I would highly recommend Rittenhouse Hematology and Oncology to anyone facing cancer. Miracles are happening everyday and I completely trust my doctor. (2018)

~Michael Pascucci